How to Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips


using glucose meter

Blood glucose test strips (diabetes test strips) are an important aspect of blood glucose testing. These small disposable strips of plastic may appear quite insignificant but they play a very essential role in helping people with diabetes to monitor and control their disease. Doing so can save them from a lot of complications, from going blind to kidney problems. This is why it’s very crucial to be able to test your blood sugar several times a day


However, these little test strips are big business. There are 26 million Americans  who are diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Managing the lifelong chronic disease, which can have fatal consequences if left unmonitored is dependent on these thin, flexible glucose testing strips. However test strips can be expensive, which is why there is a test-strip market consisting of diabetics who can’t afford to see a doctor and don’t have medical insurance to cover the cost of strips. Here are some of the things you need to know about how to sell your diabetic test strips.


Check if You Can Sell Your Strips Legally


Under most circumstances it is 100% legal to sell diabetic test strips online. There are, nonetheless, several cases wherein selling your test strips would be illegal. These are:


If Medicaid or Medicare pays for your diabetic supplies, it is illegal for you to sell them.  People on Medicaid and Medicare receive their diabetic testing supplies paid for by the government. To know if your test strips were paid for by the government, check if there is a red strip on the box demonstrating that it has been paid for by Medicaid or Medicare. For more info about diabetic test strips, visit


Expired, or used test strips, or test strips that have been tampered with cannot be sold. If a test strip has been compromised, it can not be safely used and sold.

You also can not sell stolen diabetic supplies since it is illegal to sell things that are not lawfully yours.


Purchase from a Legitimate Online Business


Find an honest borderline diabetes symptoms, legitimate business that has been in the business of buying and selling test strips for a few years. Keep in mind that legitimate sellers should be registered with the FDA and many fail to do so. Because of today’s security concerns, the process for obtaining and maintaining a United States government permit is particularly stringent. Make sure that the business has been investigated by the United States government and passed. They should be a legal business entity with a good reputation and great seller satisfaction.


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